Teaching Staff

Strategic Leadership Team -
  • Principal:   Mr D Mckeon
  • Vice Principal:   Ms R Naylor, Mr P Davies
  • Assistant Vice Principal:   Mr S Cordwell, Ms M Moore
  • Associate Senior Leader:   Ms L Grellier (RS), Ms S Farrimond (T&L), Ms L Ward (T&L)
English -
  • Leader of English:   Ms L Eccles
  • Lead Coach:   Mr D Seddon
  • Literacy Co-ordinator:   Mrs Henshall Davies
  • Teacher of English:   Mr S Reynolds, Mr P Lloyd, Ms A Ashaf, Ms V Coope
  • Assistant Leader of English:   Ms J Calvert
Mathematics -
  • Leader of Mathematics:   Mr M Isherwood
  • Assistant Leader of Mathematics:   Mr J Barry
  • Lead Coach:   Ms C Stubbs
  • Teacher of Mathematics:   Mr D Leyland, Ms H Brown, Mr D Morris, Ms A Costello, Mr M Sutcliffe
  • Numeracy Co-ordinator:   Mr J Wilson
Science -
  • Leader of Science:   Mr I Rowlinson
  • Assistant Leader of Science:   Ms L Ross
  • Lead Coach:   Mr C Woodward
  • Teacher of Science:   Ms T Mistry, Ms J Hughes, Ms S Hargreaves (NACE Challenge Award Co-ordinator), Mr T Harrison, Mr S Harte, Ms S Craven, Ms N Latif
Modern Foreign Languages -
  • Leader of MFL:   Mr M Rhodes
  • Teacher of MFL:   Ms A Pose-Mora
Computing -
  • Leader of ICT:   Ms S Farrimond
  • Leader of Computing:   Mr J Bell
  • Teacher of Computing:   Mr A New, Ms E Givens
Humanities -
  • Leader of History:   Ms L Grellier
  • Leader of RE:   Ms S Morris
  • Leader of Geography:   Mr M Foulkes
  • Teacher of Geography / PLB Leader:   Mr K Wilson
  • Teacher of Geography:   Ms R Sutcliffe, Mr S McCarthy
  • Teacher of History:   Ms R Mortimer, Mr M Sale
P.E. -
  • Leader of Sport, Health and Character:   Mr B Chadwick
  • Leader of Health:   Ms J Bannister
  • Leader of Character:   Ms R Jackson
  • Teacher of PE / Leader of Careers:   Mr M Welch
Technology -
  • Leader of Technology:   Ms L Ward
  • Teacher of Technology:   Ms A Hopkinson, Mr K Eaves
Art -
  • Leader of Art:   Ms B Sulek
  • Teacher of Art:   Ms A Shaw
Performing Arts -
  • Leader of Performing Arts:   Mr R Poole
  • Teacher of Music / PSHCE Co-ordinator:   Mr N Jackson
  • Teacher of Drama:   Ms M Higgins
Intervention Leaders -
  • Intervention Leader / Child Protection Lead:   Mr A Cook
  • Intervention Leader :   Mr J McHugh
Inclusion / SEND -
  • Head of Inclusion (SENCo):   Mrs C Fernside
Lead Coaches -
  • Lead Coach:   Mr D Seddon, Ms C Stubbs, Mr C Woodward