Year 9 / ks4


Photography is an inclusive subject which any student, regardless of previous experience, skill level or access to equipment, can achieve success in and come away with skills and results which provides a springboard to post-16 learning.

The study of the formal elements of line, shape, colour, texture, composition and form are taught in Year 9, providing greater depth to the KS3 national curriculum requirements, in addition to technical knowledge of lens based media and photo editing software and techniques.

Year 10 sees students working on directed and personal projects; Urban photography, Portrait photography and personal explorations in themes of their choice.

During the final year, students will reflect and refine their projects. Constant critique and development will ensure sound admissions for coursework. In January of Year 11, students will begin the final examination project where they  respond to one externally set exam question from the choice on the AQA paper. The external exam project is entirely practical and forms 40% of their overall grade, the other 60% coming from their coursework projects.