Geography Year 7 Remote Learning Map for Self Isolation of up to 14 days

Students can chose to start at the top of the learning map and work their way chronologically down the list which will help with memory retention or go to an area directed by their teacher.

Autumn Term

Misconceptions in Geography

  • What is Geography
  • Africa – Country or Continent?
  • Migration – we are all migrants
  • Wealth vs Health – does being rich buy us good health?
  • Can you measure quality of life?
  • The richest 1% vs the rest – who has the most control?
  • Is Bolton really a diverse place?
  • Do diseases only spread in dirty places?
  • Rich diseases and poor diseases
  • DME
  • Assessment

It’s Hot, Hot, Hot

  • Investigate the physical Geography of Antarctica
  • Explore the climate of Antarctica
  • Identify key features of animal adaptation for the Antarctic climate
  • Investigate jobs in Antarctica
  • Investigate the positive and negative impacts of extreme tourism in Antarctica
  • Evaluate evidence that ice ages have happened
  • Understand what glacier is and the processes that create and maintain them

Holiday from…Hell yeah!

Spring Term

Time for climate

The world is your oyster, banana, coffee bean

Where do the 7 Billion people live

The UK Coastal Battle

River of dreams…nightmares of flooding