History Year 9 Remote Learning Map for Self Isolation of up to 14 days

Students can chose to start at the top of the learning map and work their way chronologically down the list which will help with memory retention or go to an area directed by their teacher.

Autumn Term Sep – Dec

Britain: Health and the people

  • Causes and treatments in medieval times
  • Hippocrates and Galen
  • The church and Christianity
  • Medieval hospitals and surgery
  • Islamic medicine
  • Public health in towns and monasteries
  • The Black Death
  • Renaissance ideas, technology and its contribution to medicine
  • Vesalius, Pare, Harvey
  • Treatments during the renaissance
  • The Great Plague 1665
  • Hospitals in the 18thC
  • John Hunter and the Royal College of Surgeons



Spring Term Jan – Apr

Britain:  Health and the people

  • Jenner and Vaccination
  • Pain, anaesthetics and Simpson
  • Germ Theory- Pasteur, Kock and Erlich
  • Lister and antiseptics
  • Stethoscope, X ray machine and thermometers and their contribution to medicine
  • Public health in industrial towns
  • Snow and Cholera
  • Chadwick, The Great Stink and the death of Laissez-Faire government
  • Early government legislation on public health, including the Public Health Acts and Liberal Reforms.
  • Penicillin- Fleming, Florey and Chain
  • Improvements in drugs and treatments since 1945
  • War’s contribution to medicine in the 20th C
  • Science and technology’s contribution to medicine in the 20thC
  • Reform for the working class and the welfare state
  • Beveridge, the introduction of the NHS and pressures on the NHS
  • Government legislation on public health


Summer Term 1 Apr – July

America:  Opportunity and inequality, 1920-1973

  • Causes of the Boom: Republican policies
  • Consumer Society
  • Henry Ford
  • Roaring 20s
  • The car
  • Life for women
  • Prohibition
  • Organised crime
  • Racial tension
  • Immigration
  • Red scare
  • Wall Street crash
  • Effects of great depression
  • Hoover’s response
  • Roosevelt’s election