Our Remote Learning Strategy


ALL students need a laptop/PC / tablet or phone that has:

  • Access to the internet
  • Access to Google Chrome
  • Access to Google Classroom (ALL students have been trained on this)

NOTE: if you are using a phone please ensure it is using your Wifi and not your data.





ICT Help and Support

Should you have any technical difficulties please ask students to email their teacher to inform them of this and we will try to get one of our ICT technicians to support you where possible.

Alternatively, please ring the school on 01204 333300 and we will put you through to one of our ICT technicians or email them directly on;


  • How do students continue their learning if they have to self isolate for up to 14 days?

    Students will very simply follow their ‘in school’ timetable for remote learning during 14 day periods of self isolation. You can access your child’s timetable via the parent portal by clicking the blue Parent Portal tab at the top of our home page. You can also view the video guidance on how to use and interpret your child’s two week timetable by clicking the pink tab below.

    We understand the disruption caused by having to self isolate if students have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. We want students to be able to continue with our curriculum whether they are in school or having to self isolate.

    Our Learning Maps show what we intend to teach throughout the year. We have added links to the Oak National Academy and other resources to help students quickly access the learning that would be taking place if they were in school. We know nothing will replace face-to-face teaching but the resources that are linked on the Learning Maps will help students still make good progress even though they are not in school.

    We have provided a Remote Learning Map for self isolation of up to 14 days for all year groups in every subject. You can find these on Our Curriculum section of the website. Go to the green Learning Maps tab and then the Remote Learning Map for Self Isolation of up to 14 days tab to access the content.

    Please click the video guidance below which will show you how to do this.

    Here is a quick overview of which subjects use Oak Academy remote lessons and which subjects use other resources such as Google Classroom, etc.

    Key Stage 3 (Y7/8) Key Stage 4 (Y9/10/11)
    English: Oak Academy English: Oak Academy
    Maths: Hegarty Maths: Hegarty
    Science: Oak Academy Science: Oak Academy
    Computing: Oak Academy N/A
    MFL: Google Classroom MFL: Google Classroom
    Geography: Oak Academy Geography: Oak Academy
    History: Oak Academy History: Oak Academy
    RE: Oak Academy RE: Oak Academy
    Art: Oak Academy Art: Oak Academy
    PE: Google Classroom PE: Google Classroom
    Drama: Google Classroom Drama: Google Classroom
    Music: Focus On Sound / Google Classroom Music: Focus On Sound / Google Classroom
    Technology: Remote Learning for up to 14 days not currently available
  • How do students work remotely for extended lockdown periods?

    Students will very simply follow their ‘in school’ timetable for remote learning during extended lockdown.  You can access your child’s timetable via the parent portal by clicking the blue Parent Portal tab at the top of our home page.

    Students will now follow our two-week timetable.  Instead of normally having 6 lessons a day, students will now have 3 lessons a day and their timetable will run over two weeks.  This is to ensure students have exactly the same curriculum time in each subject but by only having 3 lessons a day we can dramatically reduce the amount of movement around the school.  Please view the Return to school plan for more details on this (insert link here)


    A Year 11 student will study English, maths, science, PE, Option A, Option B, Option C, Boost (extra 3 lessons in English, maths or Science, which will be used for catch up in the Autumn term… this is only for Year 11)

    This would be an example of a normal weekly timetable with 6 lessons per day.

    This student’s timetable would translate to the following two weekly timetable with three 100 minute lessons per day:

    WEEK 1:

    WEEK 2:

    Week 1 sessions would be Lesson 1, 3 and 5 from students’ normal timetable (BLUE)

    Week 2 sessions would be lesson 2, 4 and 6 from students’ normal timetable (WHITE)

    This avoids students having 200 mins of any one subject on a single day which would be too much and allows us to revert back to the ‘normal’  6 lesson day timetable quickly when the conditions are right to do this.

    There will be a series of tasks to complete in the week for every subject.  Students will have until 5pm on Sunday evenings to complete their tasks if they are not in school for 1 full week.  This should give students enough time to catch up on Friday and over the weekend should they need to.  Whilst this gives students and families flexibility we would also strongly advise students to follow their timetable.  Teachers will set appropriate tasks that will take the allocated lesson time on a student’s timetable to complete.

    The expectations for remote learning for those year groups that may only attend 3 or 4 days in a week is detailed in the section ‘how will remote learning work through the induction period?’, below.

    The current Remote Learning Planner will be set each week and will be available to view on the website.  This will explain the tasks students need to complete and will provide a link to Google Classroom with the class code.

    All Remote Learning and feedback sessions will be conducted through Google Classroom either directly via messaging or face to face via Google Meet.  To ensure security no other platforms will be used to conduct face to face sessions other than Google Meet.

    At certain points in the week teachers will deliver ‘live feedback sessions’.  They will do this in line with your child’s timetable and will inform your child of when this will be taking place via Google Classroom.  They will also inform you when this be taking place via the Remote Learning Planner which you can access in the same way as the previous Remote Learning Strategy.  A reminder of how to do this is below.



  • Guidance on how to access and use students' two week timetables
  • Our Praise Culture

    The PRAISE List and PRAISE Wall will continue to operate when students are working remotely.  Students will be scored on a scale of 1 -4 where 1 is outstanding effort and engagement and 4 is ‘haven’t logged on’.  Phone calls and home visits will be made to follow up these scores in order to offer families additional support should they need it.  Please click the following link for more information on our Praise List and Praise Wall.

    Our Praise Culture

    After feedback from our students the Praise list and Praise wall will now be used to reward and praise students for the work they complete in school when they return!