Year 8 Life Chances

The school expects every student to contribute positively to the life of the school beyond the classroom. The school offers a wide range of curriculum-based and extra-curricular enrichment opportunities to improve the Life Chances of our students.

This year, the following opportunities were presented to all students in Year 8.*

  • School Production: Mary Poppins Jnr.
  • Bake-Off: Creative cooking and baking centred on a weekly theme.
  • Debating Club: Debating Club gives students a chance to develop their public speaking and debating skills by engaging with topical subjects and more abstract philosophical questions.
  • Little Lever X Factor 2019/2020: An opportunity for students to showcase their talents.
  • Extra-Curricular Football: After school sessions to further develop expertise.
  • Extra-Curricular Swimming: After school sessions to further develop expertise.
  • Extra-Curricular Gymnastics: After school sessions to further develop expertise.
  • Extra-Curricular Dance: After school sessions to further develop expertise.
  • Extra-Curricular Trampolining: After school sessions to further develop expertise.
  • Extra-Curricular Netball: After school sessions to further develop expertise.
  • Extra-Curricular Badminton: After school sessions to further develop expertise.
  • Little Lever Virtual Choir: Students and staff were invited to contribute to the virtual choir’s rendition of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey during the period of remote learning.
  • Student Leadership Committee: Our SLC plays a vital role in the life and direction of the school, as this body represents the voice of all our students. Made up of elected members from all Year Groups, the SLC meets regularly as a committee to discuss school improvement initiatives, presents their feedback to senior leaders and the trust, represents the school in local, national and international events and are exceptional role models for everyone.
  • FIFA Tournament: Students were invited to compete in the e-sports FIFA league. They used the school consoles to compete in predetermined matches across all years and skill levels and spectating on other matches.
  • Foden’s Christmas Concert: The school’s Christmas Concert with Foden’s Brass Band
  • Instrumental lessons: The school provides one-to-one music lessons for students wishing to learn how to play an instrument /develop vocal technique. This shows a commitment by these students to their development as both musicians and learners in general.
  • NightClub: NightClub is an after school club which provides a chance for students to catch up on homework, engage in extra study with friends as well as gaining valuable intervention from staff.
  • Contribution to year group assembly: All Edge groups deliver an assembly on a moral dilemma to their year group and participate in the production and/or delivery.
  • Police/Prison presentation: Interactive presentation on the topic of knife crime.
  • PiXL Edge Programme: PiXL Edge is the accreditation of the LORIC (Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication) attributes. It allows students to develop these skills experientially and provides them with an evidenced record of their achievements
  • Germany Football trip: Opportunity to play against international teams and visit a variety of stadiums.
  • Creative writing competition: Students were offered the opportunity to craft short story entries into a competition with the title “Chaos”. There were some hugely creative and thoughtful submissions, many of which were chosen for publication.


* Restrictions on numbers and capacity may mean that occasionally students may show an interest in a particular activity and not receive a place. Whilst we strive to avoid this, we do acknowledge this and strongly encourage students to reapply in the future.