Year 8 Art Home Study

Autumn Term Remote Learning Planners

  • Week Commencing 09/09/2020 - 21/09/2020

    What is a portraiture and where does it originate?

    Write your answer in your own words. You must write no more than one A4 page.

    Find 5 examples of famous portraits and name the artist who produced them.

    Upload your work onto Google Classroom.

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    8n/Ar2 e7ms6x5
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    8p/Ar4 wobgvv4
    8p/Ar1 – fzv2mqb
    8n/Ar1 – nonsnqo
    8p/Ar2 – 7rgpsrg
    8pAr3 – 2elusk7
    8n/Ar3 – f6tmsbq