Our expectations whilst working remotely

We ALWAYS set high expectations of behaviour and behaviour for learning at Little Lever whether in a classroom or working remotely from home.  We do this because, very simply, it helps every person achieve things they never thought they could!

It helps teachers to teach and students to learn and EVERYONE (students, teachers and parents) takes responsibility for this.

Given the fact we are working in exceptional circumstances through a national lockdown we expect all our students to help themselves and help others to achieve things they never thought they could in the way they act and behave whilst working remotely in live sessions.

Students have missed enough face to face teaching this year and it is essential that no learning time is wasted. This is to ensure every student has the best chance of success!

Whilst working remotely we expect students to continue to follow our expectations of behaviour and conduct as if they were in school. Students should be focussed, put in maximum effort and demonstrate respect and kindness in all that they do whilst in LIVE sessions.

Choices, Chances, Consequences

If students choose to disrupt learning at any point during a LIVE session, including comments made in the ‘Chat bar’, then it is exactly that… it is a choice they have made.

If a student has made the choice to disrupt the session they will be given a REMOTE C1. This is a warning to remind them that their behaviour has disturbed the learning of others and themselves.  The student now has a chance to change their behaviour in order that they and the rest of the class can learn effectively.

If a student again makes the choice to disrupt the session they will be given a REMOTE C2.  This is a final reminder that their choices are affecting the learning of others and themselves and if they continue to do this they will be removed from the LIVE session.

If after two opportunities to change their behaviour the student continues to make the choice to disrupt learning they will then be given a REMOTE C3. At this point they will be removed from the LIVE session.

An immediate REMOTE C3 may be issued by a member of staff for any behaviours that are a serious disruption to learning. This will be down to the professional judgement of the teacher

Due to the unprecedented times in which we are working we will be unable to issue a standard C3 detention.  However, our standards and expectations remain as high as ever and we are determined to ensure every student does not fall behind with their learning.  As a result, if students receive a REMOTE C3 they will be added to the Nightclub catch up programme for one day for each REMOTE C3 they receive.  This means if a student receives 3 REMOTE C3s they will need to complete 3 days in the Nightclub catch up programme when we return to school.  This will ensure they do not fall behind with their learning.

Parents will be informed via a text message that their child received a REMOTE C3 and was removed from the Live Session.

We ask that parents and carers fully support our expectations whilst students work from home and we are happy to support parents and carers should they need any assistance with this.

Should students persistently not meet the expectations of working whilst in a LIVE session we will take more serious measures to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn and be successful during these extra-ordinary times.