Going Above & Beyond

Our Wall Of Fame

Our core purpose of ‘helping every person achieve things they never thought they could’ not only just appiles to our students’ academic achievements but also, just as importantly, to their achievements and contributions to the school and our community life beyond the classroom. We strongly believe a Little Lever student should not only strive to become academically successful but also to build themselves into a kind, responsible and moral citizen, with the confidence to stand equally amongst their peers. Our Wall of Fame aims to recognise and celebrate these qualities in our students.

Here you will find the brilliant ways in which Little Lever students go above and beyond in participating in and contributing to extra-curricular clubs, sporting excellence, charitable acts and community work; helping them achieve things they never thought they could…

Our Sporting Champions

Physical Education and sport provides young people not only with those opportunites to develop their physical and mental health, but it also nutures other qualities such as leadership, organisation, self discipline, working within a team, resilience and the concepts of fair play and equality. These students brilliantly represent these principals through their participation and success in school teams and competitions and community, town, regional, national and world sport.

Bolton Town Team Football Members

Alfie Holt, Callum Hill and Harley Irwin

Thai Boxing - Muay Thai World Champion

Cain Cartwright

WKO English Open Champion, YAKKA UK Champion, WKU World Open Champion, WMF British Champion

Sandee Open International Champion, WFMC World Champion (open), WRSA English Open Champion, ISKA Silver @World Championships (Greece)

Sandee Open European Champion, WKU Silver @ World Championships (Spain)

Football and Cross Country

Harley Irwin

Harley is a member of Bolton Wanderers FC Academy and plays in the Under 15s and 16s. He also came in 4th place for the Inter Boys Bolton Cross Country Championships.

Freestyle Wrestling Champion

Harvey May

3x British Championship silver medalist, 2x silver medalist English championships, Aspull Warriors Open Champion, 3rd in English Championships and British Championships, 2nd Northern Region Championships, 2nd Derbyshire Open, 2x silver medalist Aspull International Tournament, 3rd Welsh Open3rd British Closed Championships, 2nd and 3rd in the Slam Birmingham, 3rd Nottingham OpenFreestyle Wrestling.

Boxing Champion

Peter Booth

MTK Lonsdale box cup winner 2019, North West regional champion 2016, North West national finalist 2016

Boulder Climbing Champion

Molly Crompton

BMC Youth Open Bouldering 2019 Champion


School Representative Trampolinist

Lucie Farrington


Bolton Athletics Representatives

Lilly Philbin & Abby Steele-Lesh

Lilly represents Bolton in athletics and at the Greater Manchester Schools Cross Country Team. Abby represented Bolton in athletics.


Regional Swimmer and Cricketer

Jack Hamlett

Jack is a regional swimmer and member of the Bolton Inter-League Cricket team and a member of the Lancashire CC development team.



Jack Thornley

WKKC, Gold British Champion, Silver Points Competition, Qualification for Dublin Competition as England Kickboxing Representative.




Our Sports Teams

Representing the school is a great honour. It requires commitment, self-discipline and a desire to work with others on a common goal. We are very proud of our sporting teams and the way they always represent the best aspects of our school.

Year 8 Football Team

Jobe Williams, Leon Tennant, Billy Corless, Bailey Langley, Jack Cubbin, Alfie Holt, Layton Burns, Cory McGuiness, Harley Irwin, Callum Hill and Josh Pennington

Year 8 Netball Team

Imogen Moores, Amee Pankhania, Keira Strickleton, Ellie- Ray Rothwell, Lexi Grant, Isabelle Norwood, Ella Morley, Isla Jones, Lillia Brown, Cadie McGann and Madison Mitchell

Year 8 Cricket Team

Leon Tennant, Bailey Langley, Eshan Yaser, Alfie Holt, Layton Burns, Corey McGuinness, Harley Irwin, Abby Barratt and Callum Hill

Year 9 Netball Team

Zara Bates, Elena Whyment, Lily Philbin, Abby Steele-Lesh, Charlie McAllister, Lauren Tobin and Rachel Hayes

Year 10 Football Team

Cain Cartwright, Callum Taylor, Harry Rushmore, Cayon Williams, Sol Love, Luke Pillling, Jobe Oldham, Kian Chadwick and Louie Higgins

Key Stage 3 Football Team

Eve Lowe, Lois Walker, Jessica Butterworth, Sienna Lowe, Isabelle Norwood, Grace Harwood, Lexie Parker, Daisy Greenwood and Abby Barrett

Our Sporting Ambassadors

Our Sporting Ambassadors are an elected body of students who represent not only sporting excellence but also a committment to supporting all students in school and in the community to get engaged in physical and mental health events.

They have completed a course which allows them to organise and run events such as inter-house and primary festivals. They have officiated in a SEND table tennis cricket competition and have also gained a qualification for this from Lancashire Cricket. They have also organised and hosted a number of Primary festivals in our sports hall and helped with inter-house competitions and events. The school is incredibly proud of the work they do.

They are:

Luke Greenhalgh, Callum Taylor, Cayon Williams, Fola Fashun, Keira Howarth, Olivia Vining, Josh Dalziel and Jason Scaife.


Our Language Ambassadors

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our new Language Ambassadors. Each of these students submitted a fantastic poster or letter explaining the importance of languages and how they could contribute to the Modern Foreign Languages department as an ambassador. We were astonished with the level of interest and the high quality of applications that we received and cannot wait to start working alongside our ambassadors!

Year 7
Kian Keegan, Pheobe Mahon, Naisha Hamlin-Cox, Isaac Haslaam, Ava Mills, Izzy Taylor, Ethan Wood, Amelia Dyer and Max Dean

Year 8
Ellie Dale, Poppy Beswick, Keira Campbell, Jack Hamlett, Logan Lowe, Alisha Majid, Grace McMorran, Emilie Myers, Alex Patience, Jamie Ramsden, Momin Shahzad and Amy Stabler

Year 9
Ryan Cain, Jack Dugdale, Joshua Mangnall


Our SLC (Student Leadership Committee) plays a vital role in the life and direction of the school, as this body represents the voice of all our students. Made up of elected members from all year groups from Year 7 – 10, the SLC regularly meets to discuss the results of student voice surveys and school improvement initiatives and then present their feedback to senior leaders and the Trust. They also represent the school in local, national and international events and are exceptional role models for everyone.

Our full list of SLC members are:

 Molly Ambrosiuk, Megan Baxendale, Michael Bithell, Ryan Cain, Hannah Cherry, Jessica Colgan, Lucie Farrington, Charile Greenhalgh, Megan Haslam, Nicole Lomas, Gracie Lowe, Kelsi Lynch, Sophia Magari, Laura Melbourne, Joshua Poynton, Illyaas Sowunmi, Daisy Wall, Annie Wardle and Tilly Wilson.


Our Debate Club

Debate Club is open to all students and aims to improve pupils’ confidence in public speaking, their knowledge of the world and key issues affecting it, and the ability to articulate ideas and communicate clearly. We use the Oxford-style debating method where students prepare speeches on a pre-decided motion that can vary from topics such as geopolitics to important social issues. We enlist students in external competitions throughout the year, have also hosted rounds of national competitions at Little Lever, arrange fixtures against other schools in the local area, and have participated in an international Model United Nations conference in New York (with eight students winning prizes for their public speaking). The idea of public speaking is incredibly daunting to young people, but we believe that it is simply a matter of preparation, confidence, and practice. And of course, there is nothing like the buzz from winning an argument in front of an audience!

Amelia Stuchbury, Jessica Colgan, Sophia Magari, Nicole Lomas

Sophie Alston-Forrester (Award of High Merit),

Daisy Wall (Award of High Merit),

Tom Hamlett (Honorable Mention),

Megan Baxendale (Honorable Mention),

Bella Thompson (Best Position Paper*) (on The Economic Strain due to Climate Change and its implications and the use of public private partnerships to aid sustainable development)

Molly Gunn (Best Position Paper) (on The Economic Strain due to Climate Change and its implications and the use of public private partnerships to aid sustainable development)

Jack Walton (Honorable Mention)

Joshua Mellett (Honorable Mention)

Callum Parkinson (Best Position Paper) (on climate change and displacement and the promotion of sustainable consumption and production to decelerate climate change)

Molly Walkden (Best Position Paper) (on climate change and displacement and the promotion of sustainable consumption and production to decelerate climate change).

* A position paper is a document produced in advance of the conference outlining the history and global significance of an issue, relevant country policy, and proposed solutions.


When students participate in drama, they are often ‘getting out of their comfort zone’, building confidence in themselves and their public persona and learning to be part of a greater team. Our Performing Arts department host a range of clubs and performances througout the academic year. Our recent production of the musical Mary Poppins Jr was performed by students from all years and experiences. Front stage and back stage skills are valued in equal measure, making drama an inclusive enrichment activity for any student to participate in


Mary Poppins Jr Cast and Ensemble

Year 11:
Drew Gudjoc – Mary Poppins
Oliver Warren- George Banks
Isabelle Earnshaw – Winifred Banks
Jessica Chadwick – Mrs Smyth & Ensemble
Emma Merry – Ensemble
Jorja Robertson-Gent- Mrs Corry & Ensemble

Year 10:
Lily Phillips- Bert
Megan Baxendale – Mrs Brill
Jack Sisson- Neleus & Ensemble
Erin Fairfield- Chairwoman & Ensemble
Daisy Wall- Northbrook & Ensemble
Mia Conway- Policewoman & Ensemble
Gracie Lowe- Katie Nanna & Ensemble

Year 9:
Seb Ramdeal- Michael Banks
Louie Evans- Robertson Ay
Keira Gallagher- Mrs Corry & Ensemble
Annie Wardle – Ensemble
Hannah Cherry – Von Hussler & Ensemble
Bronte Naylor- Messenger & Ensemble

Year 8:
Sophia Magari- Jane Banks
Sasha Wilson- Miss Andrew & Ensemble
Lucy Lister- Ensemble
Nicole Lomas – Bird Woman & Ensemble
Nathen Gaskell – Ensemble
Ruby-May Holmes – Ensemble
Jessica Ramsden – Ensemble


Music plays an intrinsic role in all our lives, adding a soundtrack to our lives. To be able to understand and perform music is a highly exceptional skill, but something which so many of our students learn, develop and grow thoughout their time in school. The music team provide lots of opportunities to for students to study, rehearse and perform a wide range of musical genre’s. Our music groups and their members represent commitment, enthusiasm and creativity at its best.

Our Wind Band Members

Hanna Goodwin
Jacob Wiggins
Joshua Poynton
Lily Phillips
Caitlin Rhead
Oliver Warren
Lucy Grime
Nicole Lomas
Natasha Hampson
Csenge Kosaras
Emma Merry
Sophia Magari

Our Drum Group Members

Aston Minta
Joel Wolstencroft
Keira Howard

Our Guitar Group Members

Beginner Guitar Group

Jake Lane
Sebastian Ramdeal
Michael Walker
Thomas Ramsden

Advanced Guitar Group

Daisy Wall
Adam Tyerman
Niamh Turnbull


Our Instrumentalists

The school provides one-to-one music lessons for students wishing to learn how to play an instrument. This shows a commitment by these students to their development as both musicians and learners in general. These are our students who partake in instrumental lessons in school.

Wind Instrument

Lily-Ann Gouldin, Jacob Wiggins, Joshua Poynton, Caitlin Rhead, Hannah Goodwin, Lucy Grime, Nicole Lomas, Oliver Warren, Lily Phillips, Emma Merry, Natasha Hampson, Sophia Magari, Csenge Kosaras, Finley Davies, Amelia Stuchbury

Drum Kit

Alyssa Hall, Aston Minta, Bethany Cain, Toby Bellfield, Sarah Ashworth, Joel Wolstencroft, Oliver Philiips, Keira Howard


Folarera Fasehun, Drew Gudojc, Erin Fairfield, Cara Bannister, Scarlet Pilling, Taiyah Fearn, Mia Conway, Molly Walkden, Tilly Buggie, Sophie Alston Forrester, Erin Fairfield, Jenna Kennnedy, Maddie Smethurst, Keira Gallacher

Electric Guitar

Sebastian Ramdeal, Adam Tyerman , Niamh Turnbull , Lucy Edwards, Remi Axon, Konain Khan, Michael Walker, Thomas Ramsden, Tilly Wilson


Art provides young people with the opportunity to express themselves, their thoughts, beliefs and values in a culturally significant and creative medium. The school has a lively and creative department which strongly believes in nurturing these qualities. Art students have been in the recipient of many awards over recent years. The team provide after-school workshops, open to all students, for them to pursue personal work or receive one-to-one tuition on their art pieces. The team also invite Bolton University tutors into the team to deliver A-Level workshops.

Photography Competition Winners


Runner up and winner of the 2019 Bolton College Photography Competition

Young Artist of the Year


Best of Bolton Young Artist of the Year 2018

Photography Competition Runners Up


Runners up of the 2018 Bolton College Photography Competition

CyberFirst Girls' Competition

The promotion of equal opportunities for girls and boys, and the promotion of careers beyond gender stereotypes are embedded across our curriculum and enrichment. One example of this is the CyberFirst Girls’ programme, its aim being to promote the opportunites for girls in the cyber industry which is predominently a male dominent field. Our compuitng team run this in school and have been successful on the national stage, competing with 700 schools and coming a creditable 10th overall.

The team was made up of students;

Sophia Magari,

Nicole Lomas,

Maia Kay


Ellie Mottershead