Year 10 Drama Learning Map

Time Content Domain Topic/skill 24/7 Learning Reference or Knowledge Organiser Ref
Autumn Term 1 Sep – Oct Set text: Blood Brothers Developing knowledge and understanding of the characteristics and context of the whole play Read play, knowledge organiser & practice exam questions
Exploring ideas for how the play may be interpreted practically
Autumn Term 2   Oct – Dec Texts in practice mock (scripted) Performance of two extracts from one play Read full play & learn lines
Interpret texts
Create and communicate meaning
Realise artistic intention in text-based drama
Spring Term 1  Jan – Feb Devising drama: Theatre in Education Work in progress: NEW TOPIC
Spring Term 2 & Summer term 1 Feb – May Component 2: Devising drama practical exam (10%) Response to stimuli Knowledge organiser, research & learn lines
Carry out research
Develop own ideas
Collaborate with others
Rehearse, refine and amend work in progress
Performance of devised drama                                              • create and communicate meaning
• realise artistic intention in devised drama.
Summer Term 2  May-Jul Component 2: Devising log: coursework (30%) Section 1: Response to a stimulus Coursework guidance booklet- Google Classroom
Section 2: Development and collaboration
Section 3: Analysis and evaluation