Year 11 Drama Learning Map

Time Content Domain Topic/skill 24/7 Learning Reference or Knowledge Organiser Ref
Autumn Term 1 Sep – Oct Component 2: Devising log coursework (30%) Section 1: Response to a stimulus Coursework guidance booklet- Google Classroom
Section 2: Development and collaboration
Section 3: Analysis and evaluation
Autumn Term 2 & Spring term 1  Oct – Feb Component 3: Texts in practice practical exam (20%) Performance of two extracts from one play Read full play & learn lines
Interpret texts
Create and communicate meaning
Realise artistic intention in text-based drama
Spring & Summer Term  Feb- May Component 1: Understanding drama (written exam 40%) Knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre.              • Characteristics of performance text(s) and dramatic work(s)
• Social, cultural and historical contexts
• How meaning is interpreted and communicated
• Drama and theatre terminology and how to use it appropriately
• The roles and responsibilities of theatre makers in contemporary professional practice
Knowledge organiser & practice exam questions
Study of one set play- Blood Brothers                                               • developing knowledge and understanding of the characteristics and context of the whole play
• exploring ideas for how the play may be interpreted practically
Read play, knowledge organiser & practice exam questions
Analysis and evaluation of the work of live theatre makers
• how the play has been interpreted in the production seen and what messages the company might be trying to communicate
• the skills demonstrated by the performers and how successfully meaning was communicated to the audience by the performers
• the design skills demonstrated in the production and how successfully meaning was communicated to the audience through design.
To aid their analysis students should carry out background research into the production.
They may read the play and reviews of the production and should develop an understanding of:
• the plot and characters
• specific features or hallmarks of the style/genre of the production
• the context of the play/production.
Watch live theatre, knowledge organiser & practice exam questions