Year 11 French Learning Map

Theme 1: Identity and Culture
Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest
Theme 3: Current and future study and employment

Autumn Term Sep – Dec


  • Revision of the perfect tense.

  • Introduction to cultural differences regarding the school day.

  • Infinitives.

  • Different schools.

  • Describing your school.

  • School rules.

  • The best and worst of your school.

  • How to improve your school.

  • Using the conditional tense.

  • Developing complex speaking skills.

  • Knowledge organiser Year 11 Term 1, independence booklets and Quizlet.


Spring Term Jan – Apr

  • Using a variety of tenses to improve your writing.
  • To study or to find a job?
  • The benefits of university and apprenticeships.
  • Revising complex adjectives.
  • The subjunctive.
  • The conditional tense.
  • Finding work!
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different jobs.
  • Superlatives and comparatives.
  • The passive.
  • Knowledge organiser Year 11 Term 2, independence booklets and Quizlet.


Summer Term 1 Apr – June

Revision of topics and exam preparation

  • Revision of vocabulary for all topics.
  • Writing skills and final preparations.
  • Reading and listening skills.
  • Final preparations for the speaking exam.
  • Intensive exam skills.
  • All knowledge organisers, independence booklets, revision guides, Quizlet and revision world.