Year 11 Geography Learning Map

Autumn Term

Paper 2: Challenges in the Human Environment – The Changing Economic World

  • HIC/MIC (NEE)/LIC classification
  • Measures of development: 6 different indicators
  • HDI and limitations
  • DTM: Stages, countries, anomalies
  • Reducing the development Gap: How to solve a problem like Chad
  • Using tourism to close development gap: Kenya case study
  • Nigeria Case Study: Location, characteristics, changing industrial sectors
  • Nigeria Case Study: Role of TNCs and international aid, impacts on environment
  • UK economic change: Reasons for change and trends, development of new industries, SciTech case study, JLR case study
  • UK economic change: North-south divide, importance of the UK in the world economy
  • UK economic change: Improvements in infrastructure

Spring Term

Paper 3: Fieldwork and Issue Evaluation – Fieldwork

  • Suitable question for geographical enquiry
  • Selecting, measuring and recording data appropriate to the chosen enquiry
  • Selecting appropriate ways of processing and presenting fieldwork data
  • Describing, analysing and explaining fieldwork data
  • Reaching conclusions
  • Evaluation of geographical enquiry
  • Application to Liverpool Urban Generation
  • Application to Porth Eirias

Paper 3: Fieldwork and Issue Evaluation – Issue Evaluation

  • Comprehension of the pre-release material
  • Additional research and enquiry
  • Practice of potential questions

Summer Term

All: Geographical Skills

  • Cartographic Skills
  • Graphical skills
  • Numerical Skills
  • Statistical skills
  • Use of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Formulate enquiry and argument