Year 11 Photography Learning Map

Autumn Term

Portrait Album Cover Project

  • Final album design.
  • Google Sites – project presentation
  • Completion of all projects on Google Sites

Spring Term

Exam Project

  • Project brief choice and initial idea

  • Mindmap ideas and inspiration

  • Critical studies on relavant photographers
  • Photo shoot plans – subject matter, location, style
  • Photo shoot 1 / Contact Sheets

  • Photo editing: Black and white, tints, hue, saturation, curves, dodge, burn, brightness, contrast, double exposure, opacity, vector masks, filters
  • Photo shoot 2 (studio or location based)

  • Photo editing: Ruler cropping, canvas size, layers, black and white, tints, hue, saturation, opacity, layering, free-transform, liquify, filter-distort- marquee selection tools, multiple layers, half-tone pattern, colour fill, paint brush
  • Critically analyse how your edit is inspired by and develops from the critical studies you chose to base it on

  • Final edits presented in Google Sites page in a 10 hour exam time period over one week

Summer Term

  • Coursework handed in May 1st