Year 7 English Learning Map

Time Content Domain Topic 24/7 Learning Reference or Knowledge Organiser Ref
Autumn Term Animal Farm Understanding context- The Russian Revolution Knowledge Organisers 7.1 – 7.7
Connotations versus denotations
Character connotations
Persuasive techniques
Understanding different perspectives
Inference and deduction
Irony and foreshadowing
Comparative analysis
Fact versus opinion
Evaluating and justifying ideas
The features of non-fiction
Word choices and their effect
Pathetic fallacy
Understanding symbolism
Understanding narrative structure
Spring Term Gothic Fiction Understanding context- Gothic writing in the 18th and 19th Centuries Knowledge Organisers 7.8 – 7.13
Reading for meaning
Structural techniques
Building tension and suspense
Sentence structures for effect
Engaging a reader
Creating settings and atmosphere
Improving vocabulary choices for impact
Punctuation for effect
Analysing language and structure
Writer’s intention
Exploring contexts and their impact
Developing a critical analysis
Inference and deduction
Summer Term Romeo and Juliet Understanding context- Shakespearean influences 7.14 – 7.19
Analysing characterisation
Understanding stage directions and their role
Using reference to a text
Analysing a writer’s intention
Analysing texts critically
Inference and deduction
Dramatic irony
Analysing language and its impact
Analysing form and structure
Analysing themes across a text
Connotation versus denotation
Developing personal responses to a text
Alternative interpretations