Year 7 Geography Learning Map

Autumn Term

Misconceptions in Geography

  • What is Geography
  • Africa – Country or Continent?
  • Migration – we are all migrants
  • Wealth vs Health – does being rich buy us good health?
  • Can you measure quality of life?
  • “The richest 1% vs the rest – who has the most control?
  • Is Bolton really a diverse place?
  • Do diseases only spread in dirty places?
  • Rich diseases and poor diseases
  • DME
  • Assessment

It’s Hot, Hot, Hot

  • Investigate the physical Geography of Antarctica
  • Explore the climate of Antarctica
  • Identify key features of animal adaptation for the Antarctic climate
  • Investigate jobs in Antarctica
  • Investigate the positive and negative impacts of extreme tourism in Antarctica
  • Evaluate evidence that ice ages have happened
  • Understand what glacier is and the processes that create and maintain them

Holiday from…Hell yeah!

  • What is extreme tourism
  • Mountains
  • How do glaciers shape the land
  • Glacial features
  • Problems with tourism
  • Would you travel to extreme places
  • Dark tourism
  • Is dark tourism ethically correct

Spring Term

Time for climate

  • Describe various states of weather using geographical terminology
  • What effects climate
  • Climate change
  • Global warming
  • Effects of global warming
  • What different climate change theories are there

The world is your oyster, banana, coffee bean

  • What is globalisation
  • The fashion industry
  • Globalisation in India
  • Globalisation in China
  • Apple

Where do the 7 Billion people live

  • World population changes
  • Where do people live
  • What is a megacity
  • Challenges in megacities
  • Creating the ideal megacity

The UK Coastal Battle

  • What is a coast
  • How are coasts changing
  • Features of erosion
  • Features of transportation
  • Features of deposition
  • Is the UK under threat from the sea
  • Sea level rise
  • Coastal defences

Summer Term

River of dreams…nightmares of flooding

  • Where are the major rivers of the world?
  • Features of a drainage basin
  • What forms the shape of a river
  • Stages of a river
  • Erosional Features
  • Depositional features
  • Major floods
  • Causes of flooding
  • Hydrographs
  • Boscastle
  • Flood management