Year 7 Music Learning Map

Time Content Domain Topic Knowledge Organiser Revision Focus on Sound URL
Autumn Term 1 Sep – Oct An Introductiont to Music Traditional Notation Knowledge Organiser 1
Graphic Scores
Elements of Music
Form and Structure
Autumn Term 2   Oct – Dec Keyboard Skills 1 Keyboard Exercises Knowledge Organiser 2–introduction-to-the-piano
Performing a simple melody  
Understanding Chords
Spring Term 1  Jan – Feb Music in Animation Basic composing techniques Knowledge Organiser 3
Creating a soundtrack
Spring Term 2  Feb – Apr Music Sequencing Garageband Basics Knowledge Organiser 4
Understanding step input
Exporting and Bouncing tracks
Summer Term 1  Apr – May Band Skills Reading Tab Notation Knowledge Organiser 5
Ensemble Skills
Ukulele Skills
Basic Drum Kit skills–introduction-to-the-drum-kit
Summer Term 2  May-Jul Instruments of the Orchestra The conductor Knowledge Organiser 6
The String Family
The Woodwind Family
The Brass Family
The Percussion Family