Year 7 Technology Learning Map

Autumn Term

Timbers, marking out and basic tools

  • Health & Safety in the workshop
  • Using tolerances to mark and cut materials accurately.
  • To be able to measure, mark and accurately cut
  • Know the properties of timber
  • Knowledge Organiser: Core materials

Personal hygiene and Helath and Safety

  • The importance of personal hygiene, handwashing and consequences
  • importance of helath and safety, hazards, risk and prevention. Risk assessment
  • Knife safety- using the bridge and claw hold
  • What is enzymic brownig, why does it happen and how can I stop it?
  • How to make a fruit salad demonstrating safe knife skills
  • Knowledge Organiser: Food safety

Healthy eating

  • What is a healthy diet? The Eatwell Guide.
  • Breakfast muffins practical
  • How to make healthy breakfast muffins
  • What are nutrients? Macro and Micro nutrients, relationship to the Eatwell Guide
  • How to make a heathier fruit crumble.
  • Autumn assessment – theory test
  • Knowledge Organiser: Nutrition

Spring Term

Polymers and CAD CAM

  • Understand how CAD/CAM can help to create products
  • To know a variety of basic tools in 2d design
  • Advantages of CAD and CAM

Metals and casting

  • How to present design ideas
  • How to develop design ideas
  • Safe and effective use of pewter
  • Knowledge Organiser: Plastics


  • Why is food safety so important with high risk commodities?
  • is the danger zone when storing and cooking high risk foods?
  • Types of vegetable
  • How to make a vegetable risotto
  • Types of fish
  • How to make fish or chicken goujons
  • Fats and oils
  • How to make butter
  • What is fibre and what foods do we find it in?
  • How to increase the fibre in a recipe – practical assessment
  • Knowledge Organiser: Food safety

Summer Term

Design Sketching and CAD

  • Quick design drawing techniques
  • Isometric
  • Rendering

Joining methods, production and quality control

  • Using tools to mark and cut
  • Understand production methods
  • Exploded drawing
  • Dowel joints


  • What foods are high in protein?
  • How to make burgers safely
  • Different types of flour and their uses
  • How to make a flour based product – scones
  • What is gluten and where do we find it?
  • How to make bread
  • How to make shortbread – avoiding the development of gluten
  • Summer assessment – theory test
  • Knowledge Organiser: Nutrition