Year 8 English Learning Map

Time Content Domain Topic 24/7 Learning Reference or Knowledge Organiser Ref
Autumn Term Of Mice and Men Understanding context- 1920s America (The Great Depression) Knowledge Organisers 8.1 – 8.7
Using evidence and reference to text
Descriptive devices
Word classes
Language and its effect
Purpose and intention
Engaging a reader
Persuasive devices
Writing to persuade
Organising ideas and using cohesive devices
Analysing structural choices
Analysing themes across a text
Creating links across characters and themes
Spring Term Maze Runner Dystopian genre Knowledge Organisers 8.8 – 8.13
Descriptive devices
Varying sentence structures for effect
Developing suspense and tension
Features of dystopian writing
Analysing language and its effect
Analysing structural choices
Developing a critical analysis
Understanding a writer’s intention and message
Linking ideas to context
Using punctuation for effect
Varying vocabulary choices to suit tone and style
Organising ideas effectively
Creating semantic fields
Alternative interpretations
Summer Term Poetry Inference and deduction Knowledge Organisers 8.14 – 8.19
Poetic forms
Analysing structure
Making comparisons between texts
Figurative language
Analysing language choices and their impact
Linking texts to their contexts
Critically exploring a writer’s choices
Consideration of message and purpose
Word classes
Analysing form and tone
Using reference to text
Comparing ideas and beliefs
Analytical essays
Alternative interpretations