Year 9 DIT Learning Map

Autumn Term Sep – Dec

1A Design Principles of User Interfaces

  • What is a User Interface
  • Audience Needs
  • Design Principles
  • Designing a user interface
  • 1A Internal Assessment – User Interfaces Report

1B Designing a User Interface Project Planning

  • Project Methodologies
  • Coordinating Project Tasks (Gantt Charts, PERT Charts and Critical Path Diagrams)
  • Project Planning Tools – Moodboards

Spring Term Jan – Apr

1B Designing a User Interface Project Planning

  • SMART Aims and Objectives
  • Project Requirements
  • Project Constraints and Risks
  • Project Timescales
  • Design Specifications
  • Sketches and Storyboards
  • Defining Hardware, Software and Testing Strategy
  • 1B Internal Assessment – Planning the User Interface Project

1C Developing the Interface

  • Showing Inputs and Outputs
  • Showing the Key Aspects of the Interface
  • Refining the User Interface

Summer Term 1 Apr – July

1C Developing the Interface

  • Reviewing the User Interface
  • Reviewing the Project Planning Techniques
  • 1C Internal Assessment – Reviewing the Interface

3A Modern Technologies

  • Communication Technologies
  • Features & Uses of the Cloud
  • Selection of Cloud Technologies
  • Changes to Modern Teams
  • Managing Modern Teams