Year 9 History Learning Map

Autumn Term Sep – Dec

Britain: Health and the people

  • Causes and treatments in medieval times
  • Hippocrates and Galen
  • The church and Christianity
  • Medieval hospitals and surgery
  • Islamic medicine
  • Public health in towns and monasteries
  • The Black Death
  • Renaissance ideas, technology and its contribution to medicine
  • Vesalius, Pare, Harvey
  • Treatments during the renaissance
  • The Great Plague 1665
  • Hospitals in the 18thC
  • John Hunter and the Royal College of Surgeons

Spring Term Jan – Apr

Britain:  Health and the people

  • Jenner and Vaccination
  • Pain, anaesthetics and Simpson
  • Germ Theory- Pasteur, Kock and Erlich
  • Lister and antiseptics
  • Stethoscope, X ray machine and thermometers and their contribution to medicine
  • Public health in industrial towns
  • Snow and Cholera
  • Chadwick, The Great Stink and the death of Laissez-Faire government
  • Early government legislation on public health, including the Public Health Acts and Liberal Reforms.
  • Penicillin- Fleming, Florey and Chain
  • Improvements in drugs and treatments since 1945
  • War’s contribution to medicine in the 20th C
  • Science and technology’s contribution to medicine in the 20thC
  • Reform for the working class and the welfare state
  • Beveridge, the introduction of the NHS and pressures on the NHS
  • Government legislation on public health

Summer Term 1 Apr – July

America:  Opportunity and inequality, 1920-1973

  • Causes of the Boom: Republican policies
  • Consumer Society
  • Henry Ford
  • Roaring 20s
  • The car
  • Life for women
  • Prohibition
  • Organised crime
  • Racial tension
  • Immigration
  • Red scare
  • Wall Street crash
  • Effects of great depression
  • Hoover’s response
  • Roosevelt’s election