DofE Silver Award Expedition - A Report from Ms Craven

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Twenty-two students set off from Little Lever in the rain on Saturday morning, and arrived in Chipping where they set off, also in the rain, on their Silver Award expedition to Waddecar (six hours later). They were:

Hannah Tipping

Drew Gudojc

Poppy Lever

Ella Liberman

Rachel Needham

Elle Waddilove

Peter Booth

Conor Wallis

Shaun Flynn

Shaun Preston

Yasmin Hardy

Louis Travis

Molly Barton

Megan Stockton

Shumaila Zaman

Jess Chadwick

Chris Hallwood

Ebony Langley

Louie Johnson

Jack Bentham

Ross Hodgkinson

They endured constant rain of all intensity. The fields were boggy, styles were slippy, and their waterproofs slowly became not very waterproof. The rain lifted and tents were raised with higher spirits, and then followed the cooking of the feasts on the stoves with meals ranging from pot noodles to pesto tagliatelle.

Apart from what seemed like one million scouts singing campfire songs, the night was quiet and the students went to bed early with no issues. The weather the next day had massively improved, glorious warm sunshine with no rain in sight.

After a grand packing away session, the groups set off. They visited Cobble Hey Farm, a rare breeds farm, on their route and became acquainted with two friendly pigs, several chickens and some very small baby goats!

All but one students completed the route around 4.30pm, where they quickly and efficiently sorted their equipment and we set off back to Little Lever.

Their next expedition is a three day/two night journey in Edale, on the 21st June, of which they were already considering what they would be taking with them e.g. less clothes and less food!

The students were a credit to the school, and thank you to the staff for volunteering to give up their weekend - we couldn’t run these experiences without them.

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This entry was posted on June 10, 2019