Our Curriculum


The school runs a wide range of enrichment clubs after school from 2.45pm – 3.30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays each week. These are based around Sport, The Arts, Science & Technology and Life Skills.

Our enrichment activities support positive relationships and develop our students’ interpersonal skills. The school tracks and records every child’s involvement in these opportuntities and this is reported to parents/carers in end of year Life Chances reports alongside academic performance. This provides an holistic picture of students’ committment and contribution to learning and personal development in and beyond the classroom.

Enrichment Clubs

Autumn Term 1 2021


Sport: KS3 Football with Mr Roper on the 3G

Sport: Rugby with Mr Chamberlain on the 3G

Arts: Year 7-10 Fantasy Fiction Writing Club with Ms Whitfield in E3

Arts: Year 7-9 Languages Club with Ms Rogers in I2

Sci Tech: Year 8-10 Computer Coding Club with Mr Bell in G3


Sport: PE matches with Mr Welch on the 3G

Sport: Netball with Ms Bannister in the Sports Hall/Tennis Courts

Sport: Fitness Class with Mr Chamberlain in the Fitness Suite

Sci Tech: Year 7-9 Science Lectures with Mr Woodward in S9 (October)

Life Skills: Year 10 First Aid Qualifications with Mr Foulkes in the LRC

Life Skills: Year 7-8 Eco Club with Ms Calvert in E5


Sport: PE matches with Mr Welch on the 3G

Sport: Fitness Class with Mr Chamberlain in the Fitness Suite

Sport: Badminton with Mr Roper in the Sports Hall

Sport: Netball with Ms Givens in the Sports Hall/Tennis Courts

Arts: Ukelele Orchestra with Mr Cornish in PA2 at 8.45am

Arts: Vocal Group in PA3


Arts: Drum Group (8.45am-9.15am) in PA2

Arts: Wind Band with Mr Poole in PA2

Arts: Guitar Club with Mr Cornish in PA3

Arts: KS3 Drama Club with Ms Higgins in PA1 (November)

Arts: Football & Journalism with Mr Reynolds in the Sports Hall

Enrichment Reports

  • Winmarleigh Hall Residential

    We are absolutely delighted to be back running our Enrichment trips and residentials again and over the weekend 98 students from Years 9 and 10 travelled to PGL Winmarleigh Hall, Lancashire for the Back in Action residential on Friday.

    The aim was to engage students in the new schools’ values of Being Kind, Working Hard and Taking Responsibility in a different environment with different mental and physical challenges. These involved raft building (the favourite activity), vertical climbing challenges, a giant swing, trapeze, assault course and other less intensive trials.

    Everyone embraced the opportunities on offer and took part in most, if not all of the activities.

    Feedback from the students has been extremely positive, the main point being that they got to work and be with friends where they have had limited socialisation due to lockdowns and self-isolation. Many said they would encourage others to take part in enrichment such as this in the future.