Rewards & Praise

We understand that in order to help every person achieve things they never thought they could we need to make people feel good about themselves. Being positive with people and encouraging them builds confidence, reduces the fear of failure and develops resilience. If we are to give every person the best chance of achieving successful outcomes we all need to take responsibility to encourage each other and give praise and rewards when they are deserved or earned. This responsibility lies with students, teachers and parents.

At Little Lever students earn achievement points when they help themselves and others achieve things they never thought they could. Every student has the opportunity to earn achievement points every day. We award achievement points to students who do the simple things well. Students can earn achievement points for the following:

  • Reading Routes: Always on it – 1pt
  • Reading Routes: Busted Reading – 1pt
  • Edge Tutor Bronze – 1pt

  • Great answer/response in a lesson – 2pts
  • Great question in a lesson – 2pts
  • An act of kindness – 2pts
  • Edge Tutor Silver – 2pts

  • Edge Tutor Gold – 3pts
  • Excellent effort in Low Stakes Quiz – 3pts
  • Excellent effort and engagement in the lesson – 3pts
  • Reading Routes: On a Good Route – 3pts
  • Great teamwork – 3pts
  • Demonstrating Excellent Communication – 3pts
  • Demonstrating Excellent Initiative – 3pts
  • Demonstrating Excellent Resilience – 3pts
  • Demonstrating Excellent Organisation – 3pts
  • Demonstrating Excellent Leadership – 3pts
  • Knowledge Gym: Thursday Quiz Top Scorer – 3pts
  • Knowledge Gym: Friday Feeling Entry – 3pts

  • Praise Wall – 5pts
  • Excellent effort in Step Assessment – 5pts
  • Excellent effort in Nightclub – 5pts
  • Excellent effort in All-Inclusive – 5pts
  • Excellent effort in Period 0/7 – 5pts
  • Excellent Corridor Climate Conduct – 5pts
  • Star Player in the Lesson – 5pts
  • Excellent effort towards the Gold Standard – 5pts
  • An excellent piece of classwork – 5pts
  • 97% Attendance over a term – 5pts
  • Excellent effort in Nightclub – 5pts
  • Excellent effort in All-Inclusive – 5pts
  • Excellent effort in Period0/7 – 5pts
  • Excellent Corridor Climate Conduct – 5pts

  • Reading Routes: Epic Voyager – 10pts
  • Knowledge Gym: Friday Feeling “Hall of Famer” – 10pts
  • House Star Player – 10pts
  • BRONZE Step Progress – 10pts and badge
  • Outstanding contribution to house activities – 10pts
  • Outstanding contribution to school life – 10pts
  • BRONZE 100% attendance over a term – 10pts and badge

  • SILVER Step Progress – 15pts and badge

  • SILVER 100% attendance over 2 terms – 20pts and badge
  • Praise List – 20pts and entry into Prize Draw for £10 Amazon voucher

  • The Edge Apprentice Level – 25pts and certificate
  • Gold Award – 25pts and badge
  • Headteachers’ Award – 25pts, badge and certificate

  • GOLD 100% attendance for the year – 50pts and badge
  • The Edge Graduate Level – 50pts and certificate

  • Rewards Points Champion – badge

Towards the end of each term we give reward badges and bonus points and prize draw vouchers to students under three main areas:

  • 1. Attendance

    Those students whose attendance is 100% for 1 full term (Autumn, Spring or Summer) receive a BRONZE 100% attendance award badge and 10 achievement points

    Those students whose attendance is 97% or above for 1 full term (Autumn, Spring or Summer) receive 5 achievement points

    Those students whose attendance is 100% for 2 full terms receive a SILVER 100% attendance award badge and 20 achievement points

    Those students whose attendance is 100% for 3 full terms receive a GOLD 100% attendance award badge and 50 achievement points

    Attendance for these purposes will be calculated each term to give every student the opportunity to reach 100%  (or 97%) in a term. i.e. if you don’t reach 100% in term 1 you can still do it in term 2.

  • 2. Effort

    Similar to attendance this is something every student can do and improve.  All we ask is that every student puts in maximum effort in every lesson every day (whether this is in school or at home working remotely).  If they do this they will be rewarded.

    Every two weeks students are awarded an effort score of 1 – 5 to allow the efforts of our students to be recognised on a regular basis.

    For Years 7-8, scores are awarded in English, maths and science. For Years 9-11, scores are awarded in all their subjects.

    Our current scoring criteria for remote learning can be seen in the table below;




    Conduct in the Meet

    1 100% attendance on live Google Meet sessions. We couldn’t ask any more of these students. Their work is always completed to the best of their ability. No instances of negative conduct.
    2 100% attendance on live Google Meet sessions. Whilst there is a little room for improvement, students will make good progress if they continue to apply themselves in this way. No instances of negative conduct.
    3 Missed one live Google Meet session*. There are minor concerns with a student’s effort. If there were any instances of negative conduct then these were a one-off and weren’t significant.
    4** Missed more than one live Google Meet session. There are serious concerns about a student’s effort that means they will be making little to no progress. An instance of negative conduct was significant or there were multiple instances of negative conduct.
    5** Missed all sessions without a legitimate reason and completed no work. n/a n/a
    0 Missed all sessions but has been unable to attend due to illness. n/a n/a
    * If a student has missed a session for a legitimate reason but then has made every effort to catch up on the missed work then a 1/2 can be awarded.
    ** If a single score of a 4/5 is awarded in any subject then that student will not be make the Praise List that week.

    These scores are generated each fortnight and from that we publish our Praise List on our website and Facebook news feeds which features those students who have achieved an average effort score of 2 or better for their effort in lessons in school or at home on their remote learning.

    The Praise List: 23rd November – 6th December – Little Lever School (

    Students who appear on EVERY Praise List during a half term period also receive additional points and gold star effort badge as a part of our Gold Awards. Their names are published on our website and Facebook feeds to recognise and celebrate their outstanding achievement.

    Gold Awards: Autumn Half Term 2 – Little Lever School (

    Finally, our Praise Wall articles are chance for students to be recognised for a wide range of achievements in school. Staff send in Praise Wall ‘shout-outs’ nominating students who achieved brilliant things, sometimes with examples of work. These are published on our website and Facebook feeds. Here is an example of a Praise Wall feature…

    The Praise Wall – September / October Half Term – Little Lever School (

  • 3. Evidence (work in their books leading to excellent progress)

    Every student in school has been set a personalised Step Target for every subject they study.  If they achieve this target they will have achieved the same grade as the top 20% of the country for students with the same KS2 (what they achieved at primary school) starting point as them.  This is known as Step 1. We have 4 steps in total:

    Step 1 = Top 20%

    Step 2 = Top 35%

    Step 3 = Top 50%

    Step 4 = Below the Top 50%

    Students are rewarded for the Steps they move up in each subject every term (Autumn, Spring, Summer).  This means if a student is predicted to achieve Step 4 (below the top 50%) by the time they leave Little Lever they have an opportunity to do something about this.  The Predictions teachers make will be based on students’ attendance, effort and the EVIDENCE they produce in their exercise books and Step Assessments to show they can work at the level we expect them to.  This means students can change their predictions by improving their attendance, effort and the classwork and assessments they take part in.  We believe all our students can reach and exceed Step 1 – the Top 20%, but we understand it may take time to get there and therefore students are rewarded for the ‘steps’ they take to get there.

    Students will be rewarded 1 point for every step they move up in each subject each term e.g. if they improve by 1 step in all 10 subjects they study they will achieve 10 points.  However, if they improve by 1 Step in 5 subjects and go down by 1 Step in 5 subjects they will achieve 0 points as the Step improvement is cancelled out by the subjects where the students went down a Step.

    Students will receive a BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD Step Progress badge based on the total number of step grades they have moved up in across all their subjects.

    Progress 1 Badge = moved up 5 or more step grades and students will receive 20 achievement points

    Progress 2 Badge = moved up 4 step grades and students will receive 15 achievement points

    Progress 3 Badge = moved up 3 step grades and students will receive 10 achievement points

What happens when students earn achievement points?

One of the biggest motivating factors for a student is praise from their teachers but most importantly from their parents or carers. It is what young people value the most!

SIMS Parent App

By using our SIMS parent app (link above) you will be able to see the achievement points your child earns each day and the reason for this. A simple conversation to say ‘well done’ can have an enormous impact in encouraging students to keep working hard, keep putting in maximum effort and making them feel a sense of pride and satisfaction at what they have achieved! It can be the catalyst for them to go on and achieve great things.

At the end of each term and at the end of the year students who earn a certain number of achievement points will qualify for additional rewards, presented through our termly House assemblies. Students who have accumulated points totals of 200 points or more, with no negative point deductions, are also publicly recognised in our Reward Points Champions features posted on our website and Facebook news feeds and on our TVs in school. In addition, champions are entered into a prize draw with a chance to win one of three £50, three £20 and three £10 Amazon vouchers.

Reward Points Champions: Autumn Term – Little Lever School (

Reward Points Champions: Spring Term – Little Lever School (