Little lever way

Our Core Purpose is…To help every person achieve things they never thought they could.

We put students first and will ignite a desire to succeed in every person no matter who they are or where they come from. We will transform every child’s life and raise their aspirations. We will build self worth and confidence for the children in our care so they can stand as equals among any social circle and are ready to take their place in the world.

We will be relentless in meeting students’ needs, ensuring no child is held back and no child is left behind.

We will never give up on any individual and will ensure every child is known and feels valued

Little Lever students will feel proud of their school, their community and their achievements.

Little Lever staff will feel valued and proud of the job they do. They will be solution focussed and nationally recognised for their creative, collaborative and innovative ways to help children achieve things they never thought they could.

We will ensure we provide the highest standards of Continuing Professional Development so every member of staff has the opportunity to become the best teacher, teaching assistant, support staff or site staff they can be.

We will ensure all our students understand how following our Perfect Climate and Corridor Climate as well as praise, encouragement, effort and acts of kindness are the best ways to support themselves and other students to achieve great things.

We will work collaboratively with all our parents in the way they challenge and support the school.

We will co-construct our curriculum, policies and practices with our students, parents and the wider community

We will be humble enough to know we do not always have the answers, but we search the local, national and global educational landscape to find the solutions.

Everything we do is focussed on helping every person achieve things they never thought they could.

Leave the blazer in a better place

When students wear our blazer, they take on the responsibility to help themselves and help others achieve things they never thought they could!  They represent everyone in our school and the Little Lever community, and we expect every student to rise to this responsibility.  They have a responsibility to model the attitudes and behaviours we want to see for the next generation!