Our People

Everyone who works at Little Lever is part of a team whose purpose is to ‘help every person achieve things they never thought they could’. Everyone has their part to play and every part is important and valued. We recognise that people make the biggest difference to helping us achieve our core purpose!

Meet The Team

  • Trustees

    Chair of Trust: Karina Carter (Safeguarding / HR)

    Vice Chair of Trust: Sally McFarlane (Leadership & Management / SEND)

    Edward Mellor (Finance)

    Paul Hodgkinson (Personal Development / Disadvantaged Students / Life Chances / Behaviour & Attitudes)

    Jane Thompson (Quality of Education)

    Parent Trustee: Jane Jones (Quality of Education)

    Parent Trustee: Paul Philbin (Health & Safety)

    Staff Trustee: Mike Isherwood

    Judith Twentyman (Community)

    Kristian Halliwell

    Anthony Connell

  • Senior Leaders

    Principal: Mr D Mckeon


    Vice Principals: Ms R Naylor (Deep Experience), Mr P Davies (Deep Support)


    Assistant Vice Principals: Mr S Cordwell (Deep Learning/Support), Ms M Moore (Deep Learning)


    Associate Assistant Vice Princpals: Mr M Isherwood (Deep Support/Data), Ms H Fowler (Deep Learning), Mr I Rowlinson (Pupil Premium Champion), Ms L Grellier (Deep Experience)

    Designated Safeguarding Leader: Mr A Cook

    Head of Inclusion (SENCo): Mrs C Fernside

  • Subject Teams


    Leader of English: Ms G Hutchinson

    Assistant Leader of English: Ms J Calvert, Support SENCO: Ms V Coope, Teachers of English: Mr P Lloyd, Mr S Reynolds, Ms V Coope, Ms Henshall Davies, Ms H Crook, Ms A Hughes, Ms J Sofokleous, Lead Coach: Mr D Seddon


    Leader of Mathematics: Mr M Isherwood

    Assistant Leader of Mathematics: Mr J Barry, Lead Coach: Ms C Stubbs, Leader of Character: Ms A Costello Teachers of Mathematics: Ms H Brown, Ms A Costello, Mr P Stanley, Ms J Chew, Mr J Wilson, Ms S Daynamawala, Ms R Keyser


    Leader of Science: Mr I Rowlinson

    Assistant Leader of Science: Ms S Hargreaves, Lead Coach: Mr C Woodward, Teachers of Science: Ms T Mistry, Ms J Hughes, Mr S Harte, Ms S Craven, Ms J Rawstron, Mr S Devanzo, Ms Z Akhtar


    Leader of Computing, Business & Media: Ms S Farrimond

    Leader of Computing: Mr J Bell

    Teachers of Business & ICT: Ms E Givens, Ms M Moore


    Leader of MFL: Ms H Fowler

    Teachers of MFL: Ms E Jordan, Ms L Finebery


    Leader of Geography & Enrichment Co-ordinator: Mr M Foulkes

    Leader of RE: Ms S Morris

    Teacher of RE / Intervention Leader: Mr J McHugh,

    Leader of History: Ms L Grellier

    Teacher of Geography / PLB Leader: Mr K Wilson Teacher of Geography: Ms R Sutcliffe, Teachers of History: Ms R Mortimer, Mr M Sale, Mr P Davies, Mr A Cook


    Leader of Sport, Health and Character: Mr B Chadwick

    Assistant Leader of PE / Leader of Careers: Mr M Welch, Leader of Health: Ms J Bannister, Teacher of Girls’ PE: Ms H Ely, Teacher of Boys’ PE: Mr J Roper


    Leader of Art: Ms B Sulek

    Teachers of Art: Ms A Shaw, Mr S Cordwell


    Leader of Technology: Ms L Ward

    Teachers of Technology: Ms A Hopkinson, Ms J Blight

    Performing Arts

    Leader of Performing Arts: Mr R Poole

    Teacher of Music: Mr M Cornish, Leader of Drama: Ms M Higgins


    Leader of PSHCE: Ms L Ward

  • Support Staff

    Learning Leaders

    Learning Leader Manager (Year 7, 8 & 9 including Transition): Ms S Leigh

    Year 8 & 9 Leader: Mr M Beaumont, Year 10 & 11 Leaders: Ms T Hills, Ms S Guy

    SEND, PLB & Inclusion

    Head of Inclusion (SENCo): Ms C Fernside

    Support SENCO: Ms V Coope

    TA4 Emot & Mental: Ms J May, TA4 Internal Isolation / Key Worker: Mr J Chamberlain, TA4 PLB Supervisor / Key Worker: Ms K Atherton-MacAuley, Ms H Thompson, TA4 Nurture: Ms K Wilson, TA3 EAL / INA: Ms K Patel, TA3: Ms V Glover, Ms A Kelly, Attendance / Key Worker: Ms L Rothwell

    TA2: Mr A Campbell, Ms S Beaumont, Ms L Grimes, Ms E Preston, Ms N Fletcher, Ms S Barlow, Ms A Farthing, Ms A Marothi, Ms D Ainsworth, Ms G Goodwill, Ms S Matadar, Ms C Barron, Ms J Le Blanc

    Cover Supervisors: Ms K Calderbank, Mr C Lambert

    Business & Administration

    Operations Director: Mr J Adamopoulos

    PA to the Principal and Secretary to the Trust: Ms M Kelly

    Data & Examinations Manager: Mr P Beal

    Finance Manager: Ms N Harrison

    Finance Assistant: Ms S Buckley (3 days)

    Administrator / Reception: Ms K Hill (3 days), Ms R Hayward (2 days)

    Office Manager: Ms J Rothwell

    Systems Manager: Ms J Lord

    HR Officer: Ms J Ogden

    Attendance & Welfare Leader: Ms M Richardson

    Attendance / Key Worker: Ms L Rothwell

    Administrator (Volunteer): Ms B Pearson


    IT Technicians

    IT Manager: Mr S Kay, IT Technician: Mr P Whittaker

    Site & Sports Centre

    Site Manager: Mr P Donnelly, Assistant Site Manager: Mr C Smethurst, Mr A Turner, Sports Centre Assistant: Ms S Brown


    Design Technology Technician: Ms L Ferns, Science Technician: Ms S Taylor-Jones, Food Technology Technician: Ms D Rothwell


Staff Well-being

  • Well-being Credits

    Every member of the Little Lever Team receives three two-hour Well-being Credits each year.  These can be used whenever staff want to use them and can be used for a range of things.  Many staff will use them to see their children’s nativity play or sports day or finish early on a Friday to enjoy a long weekend away with their family or friends.

  • No Meetings After School

    We organise our curriculum intelligently so we maximise the time we spend in school.  Our teachers have no meetings after school.  We want teachers to spend their time designing great lessons, delivering great lessons, assessing students work and giving feedback in the most impactful way.  This is all we want them to concentrate on!

    Leaders do have meetings after school but this is an essential part of evaluating the impact of our strategies and adjusting these to ensure they have the desired impact on students’ learning.

  • No Duties for Teaching Staff

    We ensure that before and after school duties as well as lunch time duties are done by Leaders in the school.  Again, we want teachers to concentrate on teaching and this alone!  We operate a split lunch and a split break during the school day. Teachers may at times be asked to complete a Break time duty.

  • Directed Time

    We use directed time for one simple thing… so we have maximum impact in helping every person achieve things they never thought they could.  We cut out any none essential work that detracts from our core purpose and regularly review our practices to ensure we do this.  As a result, Directed Time at Little Lever is typically 100 hours less than the recommended time stated in the Standard Teachers Pay and Conditions Document.  Our aim is to work as efficiently as we can with the sole aim of achieving our core purpose.

  • Collaborative Planning

    We close the school early on a Wednesday at 2.15pm to allow subject teams to meet together to collaboratively plan the curriculum and monitor and evaluate the impact of their teaching practices on students’ learning.

Work With Us

I am delighted that you are interested in joining the team at Little Lever.

Everything we do at Little Lever operates around our core purpose; ‘To help every person achieve things they never thought they could’

We are very proud to be one of the most improved schools in the country and we feel this is merely the start of more great things to come.  We have great facilities and always want to be at the ‘cutting edge’ of education so we can give our students a truly world class education.  We have a dedicated, friendly and passionate team who are determined to improve the life chances of every child no matter who they are or where they come from.

We want to recruit staff who are keen to work with us to deliver our core purpose and create a world class school.  Little Lever has a great school community, its vibrant, purposeful, caring and an enjoyable place to learn for students and staff.

Continuous professional development is at the heart of what we do and we invest heavily in the learning and development of all staff to support their career and personal development.  Please visit the ‘Our Teaching’ section of the website for more details on this.

Our Teaching page

If you meet the criteria for the post, I hope you will make an application to join us.

In the meantime if you have any queries or would like to visit the school please contact the school on 01204 333300 or email jog@little-lever.bolton.sch.uk to make an appointment.

Thank you

Mr Mckeon


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