Our curriculum in every subject is well-planned so that it meets the needs of EVERY student. Our subject curriculums help students to have a strong understanding of the most important knowledge. This is so that EVERY student can achieve SUCCESS.

Our curriculum will develop thoughtful young people who have acquired a strong sense of moral purpose. It will offer opportunities and experiences that will improve students’ life chances, taking in to account local, national and global circumstances.

How do we implement our curriculum?

Our students have three 90-minute lessons per day. This means that they have time to gain a deeper understanding of the most important knowledge. Teachers then have a range of opportunities to check students’ understanding and help students to address any mistakes. Using our assessment systems, we regularly adapt the curriculum so that we address students’ knowledge gaps.

GCSE Options

Qualifications gained at the end of Key Stage 4 are an essential springboard for students’ development and play a part in shaping future educational and career opportunities.

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