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All admissions to Little Lever School are co-ordinated by Bolton Council’s Pupil and Student Services. Pupil and Student Services are based at Bolton Town Hall, BL1 1UA.

Admissions can be reached by email at admissions@bolton.gov.uk or by telephone at  01204 333333.

All forms and information

For applications during the academic year please contact Pupil and Student services at the above address.


The school follows the LA appeals procedure which is in line with the school’s admissions appeals code. This is also included in the document below.

Usually your child will be offered a place at a preferred school, but if you are not offered a place in one of
your preferred schools or you are unhappy with the school place allocated for whatever reason, you have
the right to appeal to an independent panel. Bolton Council’s Democratic Services unit will set up appeals
on behalf of all the schools in Bolton.

Before deciding whether to appeal, it may be helpful to visit the school you have been offered a place at.
You may decide that you are happy with the alternative offered and have no need to use the appeal
procedure. The offer you receive from Bolton Council will also provide information about your right to
appeal. You must make sure your appeal is submitted within the deadline given. If you want to appeal for
more than one school you must complete a separate appeal form for each school you are appealing for.
Appeals are usually held in May/June/July. You will be given approximately two weeks’ notice of the date,
time and place of the appeal. You are advised to attend the appeal hearing, where you will be given the
opportunity to put your particular case forward and ask questions.

The result of your appeal will depend on the strength of your case. In most admission appeals the panel
goes through two stages:

Stage 1

The panel hears the case put by the Admission Authority explaining how places have been allocated and
why it could not offer a place at your preferred school. The panel must consider if the admission
arrangements comply with the School Admissions Code, whether the admission arrangements were
correctly applied and if the admission of additional children into the school would prejudice the provision of
efficient education or efficient use of resources.

Stage 2

If the panel does decide there was good reason for turning down your application and the admission of
additional children would prejudice the provision of efficient education or use of resources, they begin the
second stage of the appeal. The panel hears your case, and you give your reasons for appealing against the
decision. You can mention all the reasons why the school is best for your child, and what special factors
justify your child being offered a place in the school. The panel then makes a ‘balancing judgement’
to decide whether the benefits for your child going to this school instead of the one they have been offered,
outweigh the problems caused to the school in having one extra pupil. If the panel decide that your case is
stronger, it will uphold your appeal and the Admission Authority is then under a duty to admit your child t o
the school.

If the appeal succeeds, the Admission Authority must offer your child a place at the school. If your appeal
does not succeed, your child will be kept on the waiting list for your preferred school. There is no set
number of appeals that are allowed. The panel may allow some, all or none at all. Unless there are
significant and material changes in circumstances relevant to a further appeal the policy is not to consider
repeat appeals for the same school. If you are unsuccessful with your appeal you may appeal for other
schools in the same way stated above providing they were listed as one of your preference schools. You
cannot appeal for a place in a school unless you have been refused a place.

The academy Admissions and Appeals are managed by Bolton Local Authority.
You will find all the information for secondary admissions here.


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Bolton Council: Information for Parents/Carers Sept 2021