Life Chances Week

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As a part of the school's commitment to providing our students with life skills experiences beyond their academic learning, the school hosted a range of events last week, across all year groups, which allowed them to develop knowledge and skills through a wide range of experiences, talks and challenges.

The events were chosen to promote resilience, trying something new, team work, future pathways, health, physical and mental wellbeing.

Students participated in the following events which were, in part, run by external training partners:

Assault Course

First Aid Training


Military School

Animal Care

1000 Piece Jigsaw

Sports for Champions hosted by British High Jump Athlete Naomi Ogbeta

Alliance Learning

PiXL Edge Celebration

University Presentation

Breast Cancer Awareness - Boobettes

Testicular Cancer Awareness

Salford College Presentation

Bolton 6th Form Presentation

Holy Cross Presentation

A big thank you to our PE staff who organised the Life Chances events and our students who were so positive in their participation.

Please enjoy the photos from the various events.

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This entry was posted on July 12, 2018