Our New Homework Policy

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December 2019

Dear parent / carer

We are officially launching our new homework strategy this week.  This has been created using the latest educational research, the views of students, staff and parents.

I wanted to thank the work of the parent forum who have been instrumental in shaping this homework strategy into what we hope is an easy to use but highly effective part of delivering our curriculum.

Our homework strategy is one aspect of how we deliver or implement our curriculum.  (More details of ‘The Little Lever Curriculum’ can be found on our website along with the homework timetable, learning maps and materials to support students with their homework.)


How will it work?

Homework will be intrinsically linked to the curriculum in each subject and will help students develop the key knowledge they need to make good progress in each subject.

Each subject will have its own learning map.  These will tell you what we are planning to teach our students in each subject, for each year group.  They will also give you a guide as to when we plan to teach certain topics.  Homework will be linked to each learning map in each subject.

Homework will be completed in the form of ‘low stakes quizzes’.  Low stakes quizzes are short ‘tests’ on the key vocabulary and knowledge needed to make good progress through the curriculum.  They are designed to support the retention of key knowledge in each subject and help students to develop links to their topics and develop their use of technical vocabulary.   Low stakes quizzes will take place in the lesson or online and will normally last no more than 15 minutes.  They can be self-marked by students in the classroom so they receive instant feedback.  The teacher will strategically ask questions in the low stakes quiz that target the key knowledge and the areas to improve for the class e.g. a class that has not grasped simultaneous equations may find they have more simultaneous equations to answer in their low stakes quizzes.


What support will I have to support my child?

To support parents and students each subject will have either:

  • A link to online resources or platforms via the website
  • A knowledge Organiser (available on the website)

A knowledge organiser is a document that will contain all the key knowledge and vocabulary students need to remember and know.  These are all available on our website for every subject. 


How frequently should I expect homework?

Each subject has been split into two groups.  Some subjects will set homework every ODD week and a different group of subjects will set homework every EVEN week.  The homework timetable is available for parents/carers to view on our website.  This means students will be set homework every week but not necessarily in the same subject.

It must be noted that some subjects may set more frequent homework as a response to the progress students are making through the curriculum i.e. if students need to practice certain topics or are not remembering the key knowledge then teachers may set additional homework.


What happens if my child does not complete their homework?

Because homework is intrinsically linked to the curriculum If your child does not complete their homework then it is unlikely they will perform well on their low stakes quiz.  Ultimately it means they may not make the progress they are capable of.

Rewards will be given to those students who are putting in maximum effort on their homework.  It will be no coincidence that those students who complete their homework have a much greater opportunity to make good progress through our curriculum.


How can I monitor what homework has been set?

The homework timetable on the website will give you an indication of which subjects will be setting homework each week.  The details of each piece of homework will be set on the SIMS parent app.  This will show you details of what the homework is, when it is due and which subject and which teacher has set the homework.

If any parents or carers would like to find out more information about our homework strategy and how to support your children at home we will be running ‘drop in‘ sessions on the following days 3.30 - 4.00pm:

  • Monday 9th December
  • Wednesday 18th December

Please visit the curriculum area on our website for more details and resources of how you can support your children with their homework.  Thank you for your continued support. 


Yours faithfully

Mr Mckeon


New Homework Policy Letter

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