New York City & Washington DC February trip; extracts from Mr Poole's diary


Back in February, Mr Poole once again organised and led the New York trip encompassing a wide range of creative arts and historical educational opportunities for our students, including, this year, a trip to the capital Washington DC. Here are some extracts from his diary and some photos from our students:

Day 1.

The plane was amazing, great entertainment, great food and the kids were a real credit to themselves and the school. We had some horrendous turbulence and the seatbelt sign was on for most of the flight but the kids, and staff, at times coped really well. We had some lovely comments from members of the public saying how well behaved they were. We are now all checked in to the hotel and staff have done checks of the rooms. Everyone is happy but very tired so we have postponed the shop (pupils got drinks at the airport) and Times Square and we will do it when we feel more refreshed tomorrow morning. Tomorrow sees us go to Staten Island, the Mall, pizza shop and then Aladdin!! Night night

Day 2.

We made our way to McDonald’s early doors to get some breakfast (purely for comparison to the UK McDonald’s). Everyone ate and then we braved the subway all the way down to Staten Island where we saw the Statue of Liberty in all its glory. A short 15 minute walk then saw us arrive at the 9/11 memorial centre. This was a real experience for the pupils and big eye opener to the trade by that happened on that day. After the memorial pupils decided it was time to lighten their pockets so splashed the cash at the new Westfield Mall. We then retired to the hotel to get some rest before the Aladdin showing. On route to Aladdin we stopped off for Pizza we before arriving at the theatre for our showing. An amazing performance with the Genie being the real highlight. Pupils then returned back to the hotel for a small amount of time in their rooms before lights out at 11.

Day 3.

Early start today but everyone made it down on time for us to leave to go to Washington DC. A great time had by all and some fantastic photos coming soon. Air and space museum was superb and very interesting. Quick ride back and another stop off at Duane and Reade to keep the kids fed and watered. First round of room checks complete and all pupils accounted for, random checks to take place shortly!! Tomorrow sees us go to Central Park Zoo, Top Of the Rock and the shops at Times Square before we head back for a rest before our big meal at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Day 4.

Everyone back in their rooms after a great day at the Top of the Rock and the Central Park Zoo. We did the right thing swapping the two over as visibility is now zero. Too wet to stay out now and risk catching colds etc so we’ve come back to get packed up to leave tomorrow and tidy rooms up. Room inspection at 6pm, worst rooms will be put on a Facebook!!

I can honestly say that these students have been the best students I have ever taken away to New York. They are a credit to the themselves, yourselves and the school. As teachers we are very proud of the way the students have behaved this trip. We have done a lot of walking and the trip is very demanding but they have coped with this very well. Nearly 50k walked over the 5 days! Remember what you have seen and I hope this trip has inspired you to work hard so you can maybe one day work in such an amazing city as this!!! I’d like to take this moment to thank all the teachers hat have helped on this trip, it can sometimes be seen as a jolly for teachers but I assure you we work harder here than we do at home, and it is far more stressful than being in the classroom. Thank you to Mr Welch, Ms Naylor, Miss Higgins, Mrs Fernside and Miss Coope for all their help and support making this trip so successful, and for giving up time away from their families to help with this opportunity to our students.








This entry was posted on May 1, 2018