Parents and Literacy

At Little Lever High School, we are working hard to promote our students’ literacy and ensure they all achieve to the very best of their ability.  Students are encouraged to read widely and often. We have introduced DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) once a week incorporated in to a lesson. The students are guided through an article, extract or even a poem that is closely connected to the subject being studied at that time. As we believe that literacy is fundamental to every academic subject the students can then discuss how academic language is used and why and understand the wider importance of the subjects that we study.  Consequently, we believe that all teachers, parents and students have a role to play in supporting and developing students’ literacy skills.  Our aim, therefore, is to ensure students can communicate effectively in today’s highly judgmental and competitive society.

What can parents do to help? 

Visit our new section dedicated to literacy: Parents and Literacy


This entry was posted on January 7, 2018