Performing Arts London Trip

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DAY 1:

A great day so far in London. Unfortunately due to traffic the Globe Theatre trip could not take place. Instead the group enjoyed a visit to Covent Garden watching some street performances. Then a short walk to Leicester Square and a visit to the M&M, Lego and souvenir shops.

After tea at Zizzi’s, the group is about to enter the Lyceum Theatre to watch The Lion King.

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DAY 2:

After a lovely stay at the Premier Inn hotel near Heathrow, the group set off to Warner Bros. Harry Potter World studio tour this morning.

Students learnt about and saw for themselves the level of detail, design, craftsmanship and pure wonder in the production of the famous film series.The group are heading home now, munching their packed lunches and counting how much money they have left over from the gift shop!

The staff would like to say that every child has conducted themselves superbly; they have been mature, polite, enthusiastic, organised and have represented themselves and school in an exceptional manner.

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This entry was posted on July 18, 2019