School Uniform Policy

April 2019

Dear Parent/Carer

A polite reminder of the School Uniform Policy

I am writing to remind you of some of the key principles within the school policy with regard to uniform standards, jewellery, make-up, hair-styles and footwear.

Jewellery, piercings, make-up and hairstyles

Students who arrive at school wearing jewellery and facial/body piercings will be asked to remove the items and they will be confiscated. A wristwatch is the only permitted item of jewellery. We’ve had a number of instances recently where students have said that they cannot remove certain items; piercings for example, as they will heal if they are removed. To avoid this situation, please do not allow your child to have piercings, false nails, false eye lashes or extreme hair colours during term-time, or just before the start of a term.

Students wearing make-up or nail varnish will be asked to remove it. Students who arrive at school with an unacceptable hairstyle may well spend time in our inclusion room until the situation is rectified.

Footwear: All students must wear plain black leather shoes free from stripes, logos or other forms of decoration. Canvas pumps/Dr Marten style boots and trainers are not permitted.

If students arrive wearing inappropriate footwear that does not comply with the policy, they will be given the opportunity to wear suitable footwear provided by the school. If they refuse, the choice on offer will be to wear the shoes provided, or be placed in the school’s inclusion room. We understand, at times, there may be medical conditions that prevent students wearing appropriate footwear. In these circumstances, a medical note will be required.

We want all of our students to come to school focused on learning and to develop skills and behaviours that prepare them for successful careers in the world of work.

I would be most grateful for your continued support and co-operation in this matter.


Yours faithfully

Mr D Mckeon


This entry was posted on May 3, 2019