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Tuesday 29th January 2019


Dear parent / carer

Adverse weather conditions

There is an amber weather warning across the Bolton region for the next few days with heavy snow predicted.

We will notify all parents and carers if we decide to close the school via a text message and on our website and Facebook site.  We will do this by 7.30am or as soon as possible.

The vast majority of parents/carers have already let us know whether or not they have given consent for their child to be allowed home in case of school closure or whether they would like their child to wait on school premises. 

In case of school closure there will be a number of staff available in school to ensure those students that remain in school are safe until someone can collect them. 

If you do not receive a text and there is no notice on the website the school will be open as normal.

If the school has to close during the school day we will follow the same process and inform all parents in the same way (text, website, Facebook).

Please take care when travelling to and from school over the next few days.


Yours faithfully

Mr Mckeon





This entry was posted on January 29, 2019