Year 10 Parents' Evening - feedback

A big thank you to all our Year 10 parents, carers and students who attended the Year 10 Parents' Evening last night. We were delighted to see so many of you.

Overall attendance was 65.8%.

Please view the image below which provides a summary of the feedback from the parent questionnaires completed on the night. Again, thank you for such positive feedback. Over the next 2 weeks, the school will contact parents who provided any feedback where issues were raised.

Please find below a selection of comments fed back from the questionnaires:

“We are very pleased with <my child's> progress, we are very happy with the school’s input and support system.”

“Very happy with the progress that <my child> has made. Thank you for all your hard work ensuring she is reaching her targets.”

“Very good. Very good approach.”

This entry was posted on November 10, 2017