Year 11 Easter Holiday Must-Do Tasks: PE

Over the Easter holiday period, all Year 11 students are expected to complete the 'must-do' work tasks set by each subject area. Students must bring back to school their completed work on the first week back after the holidays for their teachers to assess. Invites to the Prom will depend on students completing these tasks. The work is designed to support coursework completion and exam preparation.


To keep up your revision and improve your chances of getting your target grade, you must work on the following.

Attend the Easter Practical clinics:

Tuesday 18th April

9am-11am Girls’ Karate, Boys’ Football, Table Tennis & Badminton

11am-1pm Boys Karate. Girls Rounder’s Table Tennis & Badminton

Thursday 20th April

9am-11am Girls’ Karate, Boys’ Rounders, Dodgeball, Table Tennis & Badminton

 11am-1pm Boys’ Karate, Girls’ Rounders, Athletics Table Tennis & Badminton


Essential work to complete at home and return to school to present to teacher on the first day back:

Each student has been given two revision booklets to work on:

•          6 mark Exam question Revision booklet (complete 3 essay questions)

•          GCSE PE Multiple Choice Revision Questions (complete 3 sections)

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