Year 11 Easter holiday must-do tasks: PHOTOGRAPHY

CJP 9744

In order to be fully prepared and ready for the 10 hour Photography GCSE exam starting on Tuesday 10th April, the school is setting Easter holiday Must-Do tasks to complete. Please find below the Photography homework:

Ensure you have organised the display materials you require to present your edited photo prints. Remember, you need to present the MINIMUM of 5 final edits in a professional and creative way.

If you intend to have your photographs printed outside of school, please ensure those are printed over Easter and brought to your first exam session on Tuesday.

Finally, you are allowed to take additional photographs for the exam question over the holiday to further improve your work. These can be edited within the 10 hour exam time but must be printed and displayed with your other work before the end of the exam time period. Screenshots and annotations on how/why you have made these additional edits must be presented separately from your exam PowerPoint.

This entry was posted on March 16, 2018