Year 11 SPANISH October half term must-do task

CJP 9619

All Year 11 Spanish students must complete the following tasks over the October half term holiday and return them to school the week commencing Monday 30th October.

Spanish Must Do Tasks

To keep up your Spanish and improve your chances of getting your target grade, you must do the following:

1. Learn your corrected presentation and questions to answers on your chosen subject. You will have to reproduce this in written form lesson 3 after half term and then use it for speaking during your speaking GCSE.

2. Learn quizlet sets on School Foundation 3/School Foundation 4. You will be tested on this after half term.

Extra work:

Use to revise topics we have already covered which will come up in exams.

Use duo lingo for basic vocab building.

Start completing exercises in your Spanish GCSE workbook and using your revision guide.

Use BBC Bitesize Spanish.

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