Year 11 students gain first hand experience of Keoghs Solicitors recruitment regime

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On Friday 10th November, ten Year 11 students went to Keoghs Solicitors at the Middlebrook complex. They took part in a team activity, in which they had to demonstrate leadership and interpersonal skills, whilst being assessed by a group of professionals from the company. Following this, they took part in an assessment centre activity, which would be used in the selection process when recruiting new staff, followed by an interview by a Solicitor. They then listened to a presentation form Keoghs’ apprentice employees, before having a one-to-one mentor session by some excellent Keoghs mentors, who have volunteered their time and effort to support our students.

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All students were a credit to themselves, to their parents, and to our school. They gained experience in an interview and recruitment setting that most people of their age would not have had, and performed brilliantly.

This entry was posted on November 13, 2017