Year 7 Form Tutor Evening - Thursday 11th October

Year 7 Form Tutor Evening takes place on Thursday 11th October. The evening will provide you with an opportunity to speak with your child’s Edge tutor on a one-to-one basis regarding how your child has settled into Little Lever School. The evening will be conducted in the PA1, the Drama Centre by the first floor main reception.

Mrs Leigh, Year Leader of Year 7, and Mrs Fernside, SENCO will also be in attendance to field any questions you may have in regard to pastoral or SEN ...matters respectively. Members of the Senior Leadership Team will be available throughout the evening to answer any other queries or concerns you may have.

Refreshments will be served free of charge during the evening.

We would be most grateful if you would complete and return the reply slip attached to the letters posted home to indicate your attendance.

This entry was posted on September 27, 2018