5th January, 2021

Black History Month Competition Winners

Last month we reported on the winners of the History department’s Black History Month competition. We now have more details about the competition winners and their entries;
This was a completely voluntary and extra-curricular assignment. Students were given a booklet to learn about the reasons for black migration & presence in Britain, and their impact and contributions to our country. They were asked to complete the activities for at least two different time periods and then using what they learned from this project, re-design a front cover for historian David Olusoga’s book ‘Black and British’.
1st Prize: Ryan Cain
2nd Prize: Layla Patel
3rd Prize: Alisha Majid
Winners will receive a copy of David Olusoga’s new book and an Amazon voucher.
Other entrants to be commended:
Logan Low
Jade Williams
Anna Harrison
Thomas Webb
Poppy Devonport
Daniel Harrison
Tristan Swindles
Ayaan Khan
Will Buggie
Robert Bradley
A special mention to Jamie Jacques who impressed with his written work and cover inspired by Walter Tull.