15th December, 2020

Academic reports published this week

Autumn term academic reports will be published on Parent Portals this week for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. The reports contain a predicted 9-1 GCSE grade for each subject a student studies, based on what each teacher believes the student is capable of achieving at the end of Year 11 (this does include Year 7 and 8 reports).

The report also provides effort scores for each subject, between 1-5, based on their classroom and (where appropriate) remote learning attitudes to learning.

Year 11 autumn term academic reports will be issued in January when their mock exams have been marked and graded, and the catch-up mocks have been completed this week and in the first week back in January. These reports will contain the same information as the Year 7-10 reports, in addition to their mock exams results. We will notify you when these reports are ready to be published onto the Parent Portals.