8th September, 2020

Arrival to School Guidance

We are looking forward to see all our new Year 7 students tomorrow.

We are very excited to help you achive things you never thought you could.

We thought we would share a few quick reminders so you are ready for your first day:

Arrival time is 9am.

Please bring with you:

  • a bag,
  • a reading book,
  • a pencil case with your equipment in,
  • and a face covering.

We are a mobile phone free school. If students bring a mobile phone to school they must keep it in their bags, switched off. Students must not have their mobile on their person at any time.

Students must remove piercings and any other form of jewellery with the exception of a wrist watch before they cross the blue line.

Please view the video guidance below on our morning arrival procedures (apologies for the sound quality).

Don’t forget parents and carers will not be allowed on the school site. If walking to school with your child please ensure you maintain social distancing from other students. Parents will be able to drop off students in the drop off zone of the car park if arriving by car. Parents will not be allowed to leave their car.  Students dropped off here will be able to walk through the front of school to the back yard via the Bowness side road.

Finally, as it is a Wednesday, it is a 2.15pm finish tomorrow for students.