22nd December, 2021

Aspiration Station: Track Your Pebble – December Update

As part of our Open Evening event in September, our guests were asked about their aspirations and ambitions. This might have been a skill they would like to learn, a job they would like to do or a challenge they would like to complete in the future.

They then decorated a pebble (that linked to their aspiration) and took it away to hide, in the hope that someone in the community might find it, email the address on the back and re-hide it.

Some of these pebbles have really covered some ground! Take a look below to find out more…

Luke Turney’s pebble has made it to Rhodes, Greece (1881 miles)

Ethan Courtney’s pebble has made it to Perssia, Santorini, Greece (1788.88 miles)

Isabella Bowdler’s pebble has taken a visit to Santa Park in Finland Rovaniemi (1298 miles)
(picture attached)

Kai Tothwell’s pebble to a trip to Marazion in Cornwall (255 miles)

Sienna Millington’s pebble has travelled to Dublin, Ireland (160.78 miles)

Alfie Breeze’s pebble has made it to Kendal and then to Kirkby Steven (91.65 miles in total)

Ryan Flaherty’s pebble has travelled to Sedbergh, Cumbria (87.66 miles)

Jess Hodson’s pebble has been located in Blackburn (13.79 miles)

Annabel Farrimond’s pebble has been found in St Anne’s (44.6 miles)

Matthew Lords’ pebble was found in Bromley Cross (4.2 miles)

Jackson Davis’ pebble was found in Breightmet (1.6 miles)

Harry Hopley’s pebble has been found in Little Lever (1.3 miles)

Sophie Brooks’ pebble has also been found in Little Lever (1.1 miles)