18th November, 2021

CAMP English Coniston residential

Thirty-three students attended Camp English this weekend taking up the opportunity to stretch themselves in the subject but also take themselves out of their comfort zone on Coniston Water in the Lake District.

The day started at pre-dawn with an optional fitness bootcamp by Mr Chamberlain.  In the dark and fog, he created a vicious circuit of exercises where students needed to work together to beat the teachers.  A massive credit for those students dragging themselves out of bed to meet the challenge.  Apologies to those woken up by the shouting and cheering!

English activities started at breakfast, with students testing their knowledge of their core texts over cornflakes and orange juice.   Who could complete their pyramid first in “The Scrooge and Cereal” Competition was a fiercely contested affair.

The day’s activities though got a lot damper and colder as everyone braved the water on a freezing November day!  Ghyll scrambling, kayaking, canoeing and quite a bit of unintended swimming was the theme of the day.

Tom Hotchin’s, one of the Year 11 mentors said “the water was absolutely freezing but it gave you such a buzz. It was fantastic to see everyone giving it a go and pushing the limits of what they thought they could achieve”.  

Every student tested their physical and mental endurance working together to finish every activity!  Whether developing new skills with a paddle or testing the limits of their bravery while jumping off a waterfall, everyone learned something!   (Images 4-8)

The team effort was continued into the evening with meals being served and plates washed up together.  The icy waters of Coniston gave everyone a good hunger!   English activities continued into the evening with creative writing and English Bingo.  Students also used their surroundings to develop some amazing Gothic descriptions that they can use in lessons!

Student Feedback

Joshua Poynton in Year 9 kindly sent us some feedback on the weekend. Joshua writes;

I thought that the trip to Water Park was amazing! The activities were incredibly fun and challenging. My favourite activity was the gill where we travelled up a gill and waterfalls. I was certain I wouldn’t finish it, but I did with the support of my amazing team! One of the other incredible activities was when we went kayaking. We went from knowing nothing about kayaking to rowing across a massive lake. The English activities such as the description challenge and the bingo were very enjoyable! Overall, the weekend of the trip was immensely enjoyable instead of being sat at home not doing very much. 10/10!