20th October, 2023

CAT4 tests for Year 7

In the next half of the Auntumn term we will begin a period of assessments to gather more accurate data on your child’s cognitive skills and reading ages.

Beginning on Monday 20th November we will be running CAT4 tests. We will be testing your child in their registration Prep time groups. The running order will be as follows.

  • Mon 20 Nov – 7L
  • Tue 21 Nov – 7I
  • Wed 22 Nov – 7T
  • Thu 23 Nov – 7E
  • Fri 24 Nov – 7V
  • Mon 27 Nov – 7R
  • Tue 28 Nov – 7A
  • Wed 29 Nov – 7C

The results of both these assessments will inform future setting in core subjects, and allow all teachers to re-shape their lessons to ensure every student is able to access appropriate levels of learning successfully.

To find out more about CAT4 tests, please watch this video in the link below;