19th March, 2024

Changes to Year 11 Session 4s next week

Please note the following changes to Year 11 Session 4s for the week commencing 25th March, for one week only.

We will be moving the Thursday Session 4 to Monday 25th March in order for all students to take part in a special GCSE Revision Planner session hosted by all Senior Leaders. The Session will run from 3pm to 4pm.

On Wednesday students will go to their regular Session 4.

To summarise, here are the finishing times of the day for Year 11 next week.

  • Monday 25th March: 4pm
  • Tuesday 26th March: 3pm
  • Wednesday 27th March: 4pm
  • Thursday 28th March: 2.35pm
  • Friday 29th March: school closed for Easter break

Session 4s will return to their usual times of Wednesdays and Thursdays after the Easter holiday.