9th March, 2023

Chick Watch: Keith- A Story of Resilience!

We had a chick emergency last night, one of eggs had started to hatch yesterday morning but couldn’t manage more than a small hole in the shell. During the day the egg dried out inside and the chick was stuck to the inside of the shell. We decided at 4pm to give the little chick a helping hand and we peeled the shell from around its body. We named him Keith.

Keith took a turn for the worse, many teachers stayed and kept vigil encouraging Keith to fight. Ms Gee unstuck his wings and freed his feet from the sticky mucus, Ms Calvert rubbed his belly to stimulate his breathing, Ms Hutchinson gave him a Little Lever team talk of encouragement. He became stronger and stronger each minute and he made it through the night.

This is Keith, he received a Head Teacher award this morning for his resilience, determination and being an all round good egg.