18th September, 2020

Climate Quiz Rewards

As a part of our induction programme for all year groups, students have spent their first morning in school learning about our high expectations systems: following our classroom Perfect Climate protocols, learning to be a STAR player in class and maintaining Corridor Climate during lesson transitions.

For our Year 7s this was all new, so at the end of last week we gave them a Climate Quiz of 6 quesions to test their knowledge of these systems after experiencing them for the week.

We were delighted to find that for every Edge form, the scores coming in were no lower than an average of 5.7. In recognition of this, this afternoon before they left school, every Year 7 student in all our forms was presented with a chocolate bar and certificate from Mr Mckeon. The form with the highest average score also received a £15 shopping voucher (well done, 7R!).

Don’t worry 7I, we haven’t forgotten about you. You’ll receive your prize when you return to school!